St. Columbkille’s Cathedral parish staff maintains the burial records for St. Columba’s Cemetery. Please contact the parish of St. Columbkille’s Cathedral for additional information.


St. Columba Cemetery was founded in 1886. Previous to 1888, local catholics were buried in the original cemetery behind the original St. Columbkille Church on the corner of Pembroke St. E. and Broadview Blvd.

Burial Lots and Columbariums are available for purchase. Please contact St. Columbkille’s Parish Rectory for additional information.

Plot Rules

  1. All lots and plots sold or assigned since April 1, 1955, or the date the compulsory Care and Maintenance Fund was instituted by the Cemetery Board, shall be maintained and kept properly graded, sodded, and mown by employees of the Board.
  2. No persons shall do any work upon a burial lot without the permisson of the Caretaker.
  3. No trees, shrubs, flowering, or other plants may be cultivated on lots.
  4. If any trees or shrubs situated in any lot shall have become by means of their roots or branches or in any other way, detrimenal to the adjacent lots, drains, roads, walks, or prejudicial to the general appearnce of the grounds or inconvenient to the public, the Board may remove such trees, shrubs, or parts thereof.
  5. You must secure permission from the Caretaker before removing flowers, plants, ribbons, or other articles from the graves or lots.
  6. Nails, wires, wooden crosses, articles of glass or pottery, or any other material that create a hazard to workmen and to visitors when neglected or broken are not allowed in the Cemetery.
  7. Since borders, fences, railings, rails, cut stone coping, and hedges in or around lots become unsightly, they prohibited.
  8. Rubbish  shall not be thrown out on roads, walks, or any part of grounds but must be removed by owner.
  9. Implements or materials used in doing any work within the Cemetery shall be removed without delay and if this is not done, the Caretaker shall remove the same.
  10. No internment rights holder shall change the grading of his lot, and in case of any such change, the Board may restore the lot to its original grade at the expense of the interment rights holder.
  11. No authorized person shall sod or move corner posts or lot markers.
  12. The Board shall not be responsible for loss or damage to any articles left upon any lot of plot.
  1. The date for Decoration Day shall be announced annually (see Parish bulletin).
  2. NO GLASS CONTAINERS of any kind are allowed in the Cemetery at any time.
  3. It is prohibited to place cut flowers, artificial flowers or glass floral ornaments on Cemetery lots except on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and on memorial Day, when it is permitted to place one bouquet of cut flowers or one plot of flowers on a lot. These flowers will be removed by the Caretaker before the next cutting of the grass.