All regular mass times are being offered at the cathedral. Please enter the cathedral from the main center door and exit through the west side door. While masks are encouraged, please utilize the hand sanitizer stations inside the church when entering. Please only sit in a pew with a “Reserved” sign. This will allow for proper social distancing. Note that we are only permitted to hold 250 parishioners at one time (30% capacity). Thank you, and welcome back (again)! 


Address: 188 Renfrew St., Box 7, Pembroke, ON K8A 6X1

Office: 613-732-8513
Fax: 613-735-5558

Email: Office



The Reverend Fr. Jim Beanish, Parish Rector, 613-732-8513

The Reverend Father Anthony Burchat, Parochial Vicar, 613-732-8513

The Reverend Mr. Adrien Chaput, 613-732-7933 ext. 206


Parish Secretary: Lydia Demeter Lewis, 613-732-8513

Parish Secretary: Hanah Arafiles, 613-732-8513

Parish Custodian: David St-Jean, 613-732-8513

Parish Council Chairman: John Turcotte, 613-732-2766

Parish Secretary: Lydia Demeter Lewis, 613-732-8513

Parish Secretary: Karen McKibbon, 613-732-8513

Coordinator: Christine Montreuil, 613-735-6489

Head Sacristan: Lance Patriquin, 613-633-1108

President: Karen McKibon, 613-717-0285

Membership Chairperson: Barbara Clouthier, 613-732-9873

Coordinator: Erin Sell, 613-735-3910

Organist: Leo Rochon, 613-732-8513

Office: 613-732-9058

Webmaster: Dylan Longpré, click here to email