From the Rector’s Desk – Christmas 2021

On this last Sunday of the calendar year, I want to take the opportunity to sincerely thank all of you, not only for your efforts to prepare for and celebrate the liturgies of the Christmas Season but as well for all you do throughout the year to make of our Cathedral Parish the centre of prayer, worship and service that it is.

So many of you contribute your time and talents to the pastoral, liturgical and charitable works of the parish… the organist Leo and cantor Bentley, the lectors, the sacristan Lance, those who decorate the Cathedral for Christmas and Easter and other big feasts, the members of the C.W.L. for their many spiritual and material contributions to parish life, and the Knights of Columbus. All that you do and are for the parish is gratefully acknowledged and deeply appreciated… I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge as well the generosity and dedication of the diocesan Master of Ceremonies and Director of Liturgy Father Mitchell Beachey, Deacon Adrien Chaput, Seminarian intern Lukas Casta and the parish staff: Lydia, David, Reina, Hanah and Magella, who not only fulfill their various tasks in such an efficient and dedicated manner but also contribute many unpaid hours in the service of all of us.

Again, to each and every one of you my deepest gratitude and appreciation. May the love, joy and peace that are at the heart of this season be yours today and always.



Rev. Jim Beanish