Introduction to the Liturgy Rooted in Trust When things go well, faith is not difficult. Life’s necessities are taken care of; we may have more than enough; we live convinced that our life is blessed. It is much more difficult to believe when life seems to be an endless series of adversities. Some of the Bible’s major personalities had their faith sorely tested in the fires of adversity. Today’s readings remind us, with the use of rich imagery drawn from nature, that God is still present to a troubled world. Our trust must be permanent and deep. Paul speaks of resurrection as a linchpin of the Christian life. If Christ did not rise, we have no hope or forgiveness.

From the Church Fathers – St. Ephrem the Syrian – “Lord, who can comprehend even one of your words? We lose more of it than we grasp, like those who drink from a living spring. For God’s word offers different facets according to the capacity of the listener, and the Lord has portrayed his message in many colours, so that whoever gazes upon it can see in it what suits him. Within it he has buried manifold treasures, so that each of us might grow in seeking them out. […]

Be glad then that you are overwhelmed, and do not be saddened because he has overcome you. A thirsty man is happy when he is drinking, and he is not depressed because he cannot exhaust the spring. So let this spring quench your thirsty, and not your thirst the spring. For is you can satisfy your thirst without exhausting the spring, then when you thirst again you can drink from it once more; but if when your thirst is sated the spring is also dries up, then your victory would turn to your own harm.” (Commentary on the Diatessaron; Matins – 6th Sunday in OT)

Announced Parish Masses
Monday, February 14th to Sunday, February 20th
    Sts. Cyril (Monk) & Methodius (Bishop) – Memorial   
Monday 7:45 a.m. Dec. Family Members of the Mullin & Mackenzie Families – Bob & Claire Mackenzie
February 14   David Foohey Sr., Agnes Foohey & Ann Foohey – Estate of Dr. Joseph Foohey
    Sixth Week in Ordinary Time – Ferial
Tuesday 7:45 a.m. Rev. Patrick J. Tait – Friends
February 15   Sandra Mackenzie – Susan & Pete Mackenzie & Family
    Sixth Week in Ordinary Time – Ferial
Wednesday 6 – 7 p.m. Adoration & Benediction
February 16 7:15 p.m. (Ann) Rita Gaffney – Husband Cy
  Lawrence Borutski – Ken & Barb Recoski
    Seven Holy Founders of the Servite Order – Optional Memorial
Thursday 7:45 a.m. Margaret Foohey – Family
February 17   Mary & Rudy Zamarski – Estate
    Sixth Week in Ordinary Time – Ferial
Friday No Mass —————————————————-
February 18    
    Vigil of the Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time
Saturday 7:15 p.m. Special Intentions of Cathedral Parishioners – Fr. Jim
February 19    
    Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sunday 10:30 a.m. Special Intentions of Cathedral Parishioners – Fr. Jim
February 20 5:15 p.m. For the Sick – Fr. Jim


In your prayers kindly remember the sick and those who care for them, the lonely, the handicapped, those isolated, and those who have died.



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Lector Schedule
Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Saturday, February 12th & Sunday, February 13th
Saturday, Feb.12th   7:15pm Fred Sinclair
Sunday, Feb.13th 10:30am Les Scott
Sunday, Feb.13th    5:15pm Bill or Ann-Marie Fillmore
Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time
Saturday, February 19th & Sunday, February 20th
Saturday, Feb.19th   7:15pm Paola Bertoia
Sunday, Feb.20th 10:30am Richard or Suzanne Fleury
Sunday, Feb.20th    5:15pm John Leyden


FROM THE RECTORS DESK – In two and a half weeks, we begin the liturgical season of Lent. This is very special and privileged time that is given us each year, to enable more prayer, repentance and change of heart. Let us plan that our Lent of 2022 will truly be, for all of us, an experience of growth of love for our Lord and a desire to walk more faithfully in his ways.

Tax Receipts – If you wish an Income Tax Receipt please place a self-addressed envelope in the collection basket (stamped or not). Your receipt will be mailed out the following week.

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Separated and Divorced Catholics – By My Side Ministry for separated and divorced Catholics will be held virtually via zoom this spring. This is a program offering spiritual friendship and healing for separated and divorced Catholics. The program is designed to help individuals navigate through the stress of separation and divorce from a Catholic faith exploration perspective. Classes begin March 26, 2022, 2 hours/ week for both ladies and men separately and runs for 6 weeks. The cost is $40. All class details, dates, times and registration form can be found at or by emailing Mary Jane Manley or by calling 613 294-1308. This ministry has been running every spring for the past 7 years and have had over 120 amazing women and men participate. Participants often mention how they gain a greater perspective on how the treasures and wisdom of our Catholic faith can give them a sense of renewed hope for their future.


Parish Office will be closed on Family Day – The parish office will be closed on Monday, February 21, 2022, and will re-open on Tuesday, February 22nd at 9:00 a.m.


LATIN MASS – A Latin Mass according to the Roman Missal of 1962 is offered at St. Columbkille Cathedral at 9 a.m. on March 5th. This is basically the same form of the Liturgy which nourished the faith of many Catholics for centuries. English translations of the entire Mass are provided.


Psalm 136:26

Dear Lord,

Thank you for always being there for me,

For watching my back all the time, for listening to me when I am down.

But most of all,

Thank you for loving me because nobody can love me the way you do.