Introduction to the LiturgyBirth from Above There are a number of options for the vigil’s first reading, The Genesis Babel narrative is selected here because of its connection with the Pentecost account in Acts.  The reading from Romans looks at our future destiny in the light of our present struggle and strongly accent the virtue of hope.  The Spirit groans within us in its tireless desire to realize our final redemption.  The Johannine Jesus speaks of the Spirit as a fountain of fresh water, a precious resource in the land of Jesus; the Spirit quenches the believer’s thirst in time and eternity.  The readings for both the vigil and the feast itself speak exultantly of new life, a birthday for the believer and the church.


From the Saints Saint Irenaeus, bishop – He had promised through the prophets that in these last days he would pour out his Spirit on his servants and handmaids, and that they would prophesy. So, when the Son of God became the Son of Man, the Spirit also descended upon him, becoming accustomed in this way to dwelling with the human race, to living in men and to inhabiting God’s creation. The Spirit accomplished the Father’s will in men who had grown old in sin, and gave them new life in Christ. Luke says that the Spirit came down on the disciples at Pentecost, after the Lord’s ascension, with power to open the gates of life to all nations and to make known to them the new covenant. So it was that men of every language joined in singing one song of praise to God, and scattered tribes, restored to unity by the Spirit, were offered to the Father as the first-fruits of all the nations.

(Treatise Against Heresies – Matins, Pentecost Sunday)


Announced Parish Masses
Monday, June 6th to Sunday, June 12th  
    Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church (Mem.)
Monday 7:45 a.m. Margaret Beanish – Patricia Costey- Henry
June 6   Souls of Purgatory – Parishioner
    Tenth Week in Ordinary Time – Ferial
Tuesday 7:45 a.m. Larry Mungham and deceased Mungham and Hollinger Family – Clare & Family
June 7   Angelika Demeter – Family
    Tenth Week of Ordinary Time – Ferial
Wednesday 6 – 7 p.m. Adoration & Benediction
June 8 7-7:15 pm Devotion of Our Lady of Perpetual Help
  7:15 p.m. Rita Gaffney – Husband Cy
    Deceased Relatives of Carmel & Jim Harrington
    Tenth Week of Ordinary Time – Ferial
Thursday 7:45 a.m.  Special Int. of Gerry & Doreen Ferguson – Lance & Christine Patriquin & Family
June 9    
    Tenth Week of Ordinary Time – Ferial
Friday 7:45 a.m. Rita Hemmings – Family
June 10    
    Vigil of the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity
Saturday 7:15 p.m. Special Intentions of Cathedral Parishioners – Fr. Jim
June 11    
    The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity
Sunday 10:30 a.m. Special Intentions of Cathedral Parishioners – Fr. Jim
JUNE 12 5:15 p.m. For the Sick – Fr. Jim


In your prayers kindly remember the sick and those who care for them, the lonely, the handicapped, those isolated, and those who have died, especially Arlene Knuth and Caeden McGregor



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In your kindness, please remember St. Columbkille’s Cathedral Parish in your bequests and wills

The love of God has been poured into our hearts through the Spirit of God dwelling within us, alleluia.

(Entrance Antiphon –Pentecost)

Pentecost Sunday
Saturday, June 4th & Sunday, June 5th
    Lector Commentator
Saturday, June 4th        7:15pm Fred Sinclair Dianne Sinclair
Sunday, June 5th 10:30am Lance Patriquin Mike O’Grady
Sunday, June 5th 5:15pm Maria C. Doherty John Leydon
Trinity Sunday
Saturday, June 11th & Sunday, June 12th
    Lector Commentator
Saturday, June 11th 7:15pm Paola Bertoia Timothy Girard
Sunday, June 12th 10:30am Les Scott Mike O’Grady
Sunday, June 12th 5:15pm Bill or A-M. Fillmore Bill or A-M. Fillmore



St. Michael Prayer – Please join us as we begin to recite the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel at the end of each Mass. You can find the prayer cards in the entrance of the church. This prayer is attributed to Pope Leo XIII, who in the late 19th century mandated that it be said with other prayers at the end of every Low Mass. Although no longer required, the practice of reciting this prayer at the end of Mass is still encouraged by the Church, as St. John Paul II said: “I invite everyone not to forget it, but to recite it to obtain help in the battle against the forces of darkness and against the spirit of this world.” (Regina Caeli, April 24, 1994)

CEMETERY ST. COLUMBA’S – To save time and labour in keeping the Cemetery presentable, you are not permitted to place cut flowers on plots, or to plant flowers or shrubs.  Artificial flowers or plants placed in racks, off the ground, which do not interfere with cutting the grass are allowed.  Inquiries regarding the Cemetery should be directed to the Cathedral Parish Office.  613-732-8513.  Note – Flower’s are permitted on plots for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Memorial Sunday.

CATHEDRAL CWL CLOSING DINNER AND EVENING FOR RECOGNITION OF YEARS OF SERVICEThursday, June 16th at 5:00 p.m.  Dinner Tickets are $14.00 per person; Tickets available from CWL Members.  Event catered by Schmidt’s. All CWL Members and guests’ welcome.

2022 ANNUAL PILGRIMAGE TO THE SHRINE OF ST. ANN – The 2022 annual Cormac Pilgrimage to the Shrine of St. Ann will take place in Cormac, Ontario from Thursday, July 27th through Sunday, July 31st. This year’s theme: “History of the Devotion to St. Ann”, with Bishop Guy Desrochers as presider. For more information, please call 613-628-2020 or email All are welcome!


 CATHOLIC BISHOP’S WELCOME ANNOUNCEMENT OF DATES AND HUB CITIES FOR PAPAL VISIT TO CANADA – The Vatican formally announced that Pope Francis will travel to Canada from July 24-29, 2022. The historic visit, focused on Indigenous healing and reconciliation, will be the fourth papal journey to Canada and the first since Saint John Paul II’s visit in 2002.  The cities our Holy Father will be visiting are Edmonton, Iqaluit and Quebec City.

Solemnity of Pentecost – This weekend, the Church celebrates Pentecost, one of the most important feast days of the year that concludes the Easter season and celebrates the beginning of the Church. Pentecost always occurs 50 days after the death and resurrection of Jesus, and ten days after his ascension into heaven. The timing of these feasts is also where Catholics get the concept of the Novena – nine days of prayer – because in Acts 1, Mary and the Apostles prayed together “continuously” for nine days after the Ascension leading up to Pentecost. Traditionally, the Church prays the Novena to the Holy Spirit in the days before Pentecost. The name of the day itself is derived from the Greek word “pentecoste,” meaning 50th. In the Christian tradition, Pentecost is the celebration of the person of the Holy Spirit coming upon the Apostles, Mary, and the first followers of Jesus, who were gathered together in the Upper Room. A “strong, driving” wind filled the room where they were gathered, and tongues of fire came to rest on their heads, allowing them to speak in different languages so that they could understand each other. It was such a strange phenomenon that some people thought the Christians were just drunk – but Peter pointed out that it was only the morning, and said the phenomenon was caused by the Holy Spirit.