Introduction to the Liturgy – Watchfulness – The First Sunday of Advent marks the beginning of another liturgical year.  Advent affords us the opportunity to reflect on the longing and hope that preceded Christ’s birth, just as it beckons us to look forward to Christ’s return at history’s end.  In keeping with the season’s not of expectation, today’s readings are of one piece in riveting our attention on the inbreaking of God in human history.  The Isaian oracle look to a much, desired peace and universal accord for a beleaguered Judah.  The gospels reading comes from an era in the early church when Christ’s return was strongly anticipated and preparedness was repeatedly counseled.  Paul’s exhortation to alertness completements the gospel as it highlights the extent to which Christian moral posture actually rests on future hope.

From the Saints From a catechetical instruction by Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, bishop – At the first coming he was wrapped in swaddling clothes in a manger. At his second coming he will be clothed in light as in a garment. In the first coming he endured the cross, despising the shame; in the second coming he will be in glory, escorted by an army of angels. We look then beyond the first coming and await the second. At the first coming we said:  Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. At the second we shall say it again; we shall go out with the angels to meet the Lord and cry out in adoration: Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. (Matins, 1st Sunday of Advent)

Announced Parish Masses
SUNDAY November 27th to SATURDAY December 3rd
    First Sunday of Advent
SUNDAY 10:30 AM Special Intentions of Becky Chaput – Charlie & Sharon McNaughton
November 27   Rachel Klatt – Floyd, Wayne & Glen
  5:15 PM Missa Pro Popula (Mass for the People)
monday   First Week of Advent – Ferial
november 28 NO MASS Mass at Lourdes – 8:00 am, Mass at Holy Name – 7:00pm
Tuesday   First Week of Advent – Ferial  
November 29 12:10 PM Gaitan Adam – Family
Wednesday   St. Andrew – Apostle
November 30 12:10 PM Dorothy & Terry Billings – Dolly Pick
  12:30 PM Exposition and Adoration
  6:30 PM Vespers and Benediction
Thursday   First Week of Week – Ferial
December  1  12:10 PM (Ann) Gordon Allard
Friday   First Week of Advent – Ferial  
December 2 12:10 PM (Ann) Jack, August & Beatrice Buckwald – Patricia McLaughlin
    (Ann) Joseph Lyons – Lyons Family
Saturday   The Second Sunday of Advent – St. Francis Xavier, Priest
DECEMBER 3 7:15 PM Souls in Purgatory – Parishioner

In your prayers kindly remember the sick and those who care for them, the lonely, the handicapped, those isolated, and those who have died, especially Shawn MacLellan and Debbi McGilligan.


Your total offering for last Sunday was $2770.05

Thank you for your generosity and support.

Hail, Holy Mother, who gave birth to the King
who rules heaven and earth for ever.

(Entrance Antiphon – 1st Sunday of Advent)

First Sunday of Advent
    Lector Commentator
Saturday, November 26th 7:15 pm Tim Girard Paola Bertoia
Sunday, November 27th   10:30 am Les Scott Mike O’Grady
Sunday, November 27th 5:15 pm Suzanne or R. Fleury Suzanne or R. Fleury
Second Sunday of Advent
    Lector Commentator
Saturday, December 3rd   7:15 pm Paola Bertoia Tim Girard
Sunday, December 4th  10:30 am Lance Patriquin Les Scott
Sunday, December 4th 5:15 pm Bill or A-M. Fillmore Bill or A-M. Fillmore

MASS ATTENDANCE FOR NOVEMBER 20TH – Saturday 7:15 – 53, Sunday 10:30 – 132, Sunday 5:15 – 73


  Our Lady of Lourdes               Most Holy Name of Jesus                        Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste

Monday to Friday 8:00 AM          Monday to Thursday 7:00 PM                Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9:00AM

(Please visit the Parish websites to confirm Mass times)


The Advent Season is one of preparation for the coming festivities of the Nativity of the Lord Jesus.  We prepare for Christmas in the secular world through office gatherings, other Christmas gatherings, shopping for gifts, etc.  Spiritually, we should take the time to prepare for the real reason that this holiday exists – the Incarnation of Jesus Christ.  We can do this through Confession, repenting of those sins we have committed.  We can attend weekday Mass one or more times a year, offer up more prayer time, come to adoration of the Blessed Sacrament – even if for only 15 minutes.

ADORATION AND EXPOSITION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT: On Wednesday, November 30 we will begin Exposition following the 12:10 mass with the praying of the Devotion to Our Lady of Perpetual Help.  We will continue Adoration until 6:30 PM ending with Vespers and Benediction.  This will continue each Wednesday.  All are welcome to attend at anytime during the afternoon.

RORATE MASS:  The Rorate Mass is an Advent Mass held on Saturdays in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  It begins before the sunrise in candlelight and, by the end of the Mass, the sun has risen.  This symbolizes the darkness being shattered by the Son of God when he is born into the world.  We will have two Rorate Masses at the Cathedral this year.  The first will be on December 3rd and the second on December 10th.   The Mass will begin at 7:15 AM.

VIGIL CANDLES:  Please note that the Vigil Candles at the Cathedral will soon be turned from electric to burning candles.  Often times Insurance companies like to resist real candles citing concerns over fire.  Statistics show that it is almost never that a church burns down due to vigil candles.  In our own diocese, over its history, none of the fires that destroyed churches were ever the result of vigil candles.  Lightning strikes, arson and bad wiring are the major causes.  The candles today are plastic inserts.  If something goes wrong, the plastic melts and snuffs out the flame.  Unfortunately, it makes an awful smell but does not happen too often.

THE CATHOLIC REGISTER:  Please note that we will no longer be offering the Catholic Register at the Cathedral.  The cost of this Toronto diocesan newspaper is an unnecessary expense that we can no longer afford.  You are always able to order your own subscription that would be delivered to your home.

USHERS:  Could I please meet with the ushers and anyone who would like to help out as an usher, after each Mass next weekend, the 3rd and 4th of December.  It will not take very long.  Thank you in advance, Fr. Mitch

SUNDAY MISSALS 2023 –The new missals are now available at Mary’s Altar on left side of the church, cost is $5.00 each. Please place monies in the wooden box provided. Thank you.

COLLECTION ENVELOPES FOR 2023 – The 2023 collection envelopes are now available at the back table of the church.  If you are unable to find your envelopes or would like envelopes, please contact the parish office at 613-732-8513.

ADVENT BOOKLETS – You will find on the tables at the church entrances prayer booklets for Advent. You are encouraged to use this during this Holy season with family or individually as you prayerfully enter into this special time of preparation for the great feast of Christmas.

LADIES:  At the beginning of November, it was announced in the bulletin that the CWL membership fees were due for 2022.  The blue envelopes that are in the weekly offering envelope box are for this year, 2022 not the 2023 year.  You are invited to contact Barb Austen 613-735-6265 to confirm your payment status.  Also, on Sunday, December 4th a few executive members will be available following the 10:30 mass in the parish hall to receive membership dues.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY – We extend our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to all couples who are celebrating their anniversary of marriage. May the Lord continue to bless them in their life together. Among those celebrating are:                          George and Marlene Campbell           43 Years