12th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Sunday, June 21st, 2020


A warm welcome to everyone on the return to a regular mass schedule at St. Columbkille’s Cathedral.  My prayerful wishes have been, and continue to be dedicated to you all, for your health and safety, as we resume our activities with judgement and caution.  As we progress, we will keep you updated on various changes as these occur.

Thank you for your weekly donations during the pandemic.  Your donations are gratefully appreciated.

We now have a website for St. Columbkille’s Cathedral.  It is accessed at: ww.cathedralparish.ca for your information.

Installation as Bishop of Pembroke

Bishop Guy Desrochers will be installed as Bishop of Pembroke, Friday, July 3rd, 2020.  On account of the restrictions necessitated by COVID-19, this will be a small, private ceremony, with few people present.  It will be recorded for broadcast online. A public liturgical celebration will be planned for a later date, when it will be possible to gather a large number of people.

Chronicle from Bishop Guy Desrochers C.Ss.R.:

Read Bishop Guy Desrochers’ periodic chronicles of spiritual guidance. This week: The Legend of the Cracked Pot at catholicottawa.ca

Theme for Sunday, June 21st

The Courage of Conviction:  Stand Tall!! Jeremiah faced with a serious threat to his life, remains confident of God’s power and will to save him.  Jesus encourages his disciples to have similar courage in the face of persecution, with, as Mathew writes his gospel, is already occurring.  A celebrated and controverted passage from Romans on our inheritance from Adam is our second reading today.


Monday June 22nd to Sunday June 28th

Monday 7:45 a.m. Terry Bissonnette – Family
Heather Rogalski – Ann Heney & Family

Tuesday 7:45 a.m. Ron Hoffman – Gerda Gangl
Michael Corrigan – Jim & Audrey Corrigan & Family

Wednesday 7:15 p.m.  Evan Benedict Gahan – Estate
Kevin Harrington – Steve, Patty & Gerry Edwards

Thursday 7:45 a.m. Special Intentions of Larry & Ruth Davidson
(Ann) Alphonse Richard – Wife Debra & Family

Saturday 7:15 p.m. Special Intentions of Cathedral Parishioners – Fr. Jim

Sunday 10:30 a.m. Special Intentions of Cathedral Parishioners – Fr. Jim

Sunday 5:15 p.m. For the Sick

Previous Weekday Masses

Below is a list of weekday masses celebrated on your behalf, at St. Columbkille’s Cathedral during the pandemic from Monday March 30th to Friday, June 19th.   Your Masses were celebrated privately, on the day as indicated:        

Monday, March 30th Royston & McGrual Families – Family Ann Tennian – sister Margaret McFarlane & Family

Tuesday, March 31st (Ann) Lawrence Blaskie – Blaskie Family
Special Intentions of Audrey Mulligan – Ann Heney & Family

Wednesday, April 1st Arnold Coulas – Dorothy Giroux
John Landon – Ambrose Dwyer

Thursday, April 2nd Deceased Parents – Dolly Pick
David Marcus – Donna & Mark Biggs

Friday, April 3rd Mary Evelyn Morris – Estate
Deceased Parents, Sisters and Brother – Albert Kruschenske

Monday, April 6th Michael Corrigan – John & Sandra Huff
Aurele Laderoute – Gail Hunt

Tuesday, April 7th David Marcus – Sandy & Dan Cornell
Jim Gallagher – Jean Gallagher

Wednesday, April 8th (Ann) Heidi Recoski – Parents Barb & Ken
Sally Simpson – Jim & Carmel Harrington

Thursday, April 9th Victor Balk ham – Doris Gay
Carmel Amelia Morris – Joyce & Grace Bryson

Friday, April 10th Clayton Traversy – Edward & Judith Dombroskie
Mary Ellen Davidson – Don & Ruth Splinter

Tuesday, April 14th Julie Baker – Ann Heney & Family

Wednesday, April 15th Rita Gaffney – husband Cy
Sandra Turcotte – Patricia & Dennis Beselt & Family

Thursday, April 16th (Ann) Wayne Power – father Jim Power
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Morris – Carmel & Jim Harrington

Monday, April 20th Frank, Lucy & Lawrence Blaskie – Brent Pecarski

Tuesday, April 21st Terry Bissonnette – Family
Jim Gallagher – Jerry & Louise Gallagher & Family

Wednesday, April 22nd (Ann) Kerry Riopelle – Richard & Suzanne Fleurie
Arnold Coulas – Cathedral Catholic Womens League

Thursday, April 23rd (Ann) Gary Allard – wife Donna
Roy & Carmel Seabert – daughters Gail & Donna

Friday, April 24th Special Intention – Monique Perry

Monday, April 27th Evan Benedict Gahan – Estate
Helen O’Brien – Jim & Carmel Harrington

Tuesday, April 28th Maurice & Marie Corriveau – Estate
Rita Hemmings – Family

Wednesday, April 29th Sandra Turcotte – Patricia & Dennis Beselt & Family
Our Lady of Good Counsel – Cathedral CWL

Thursday, April 30th Brian Foohey – Family
Mary & Rudy Zarmarski

Friday, May 1st Amikons Family – Cecil Amikons

Monday, May 4th Jim Gallagher – Pat & Diane Gallagher

Tuesday, May 5th Annie Lafrance – Estate
Charles Lafrance – Estate

Wednesday, May 6th Rita Gaffney – husband Cy
Yvonne Gendron – Cathedral Catholic Womens League

Thursday, May 7th Deceased Parents, Sisters and Brother – Albert Kruschenske
Mary Dorothy Desjardins – Jim & Carmel Harrington

Friday, May 8th Teresa Wren – Maureen Morris
Carmel Morris – Chantal Allard

Monday, May 11th Veronica Kearney  – Tom & June Carmody
Thanksgiving – Terry (Chuck Halliday)

Tuesday, May 12th George & Lucy Sullivan – Jim & Carmel Harrington
Frank Bumm – Family

Wednesday, May 13th Sandra Turcotte- Allan & Sandra Turcotte
Frank Blaskie – Weldon & Leona Robinson

Thursday, May 14th Evan Benedict Gahan – Estate
Michael Corrigan – John & Diane Martin

Friday, May 15th Heidi Recoski – Catherine Yakabuskie

Monday, May 18th Helen McCool – Dave Kelly
Leona O’Hare – Wendy Godin

Tuesday, May 19th Thanksgiving – Jim & Carmel Harrington
Nathan Kruger – Devon & Ann & Family

Wednesday, May 20th Special Intentions of Reta McBean – Cathedral CWL
Raymond Gregoire – Linda Towriss

Thursday, May 21st  Terry Bissonnette – Family
Ken Laverdure – Mike & Jessie Blimkie

Friday, May 22nd  Reta McGee – Gene & Lorraine Murphy

Monday, May 25th  (Ann) Leonard Pick – wife Dolly & Family
Frank Blaskie – Irene Rekowski

Tuesday, May 26th Michael Corrigan – Mark & Carol Reilander
Heidi Recoski – Marilyn Schooley

Wednesday, May 27th  Frank, Lucy & Lawremce Blaskie – Currie Pecarski
Sandra Turcotte – Patricia & Dennis Beselt & Family

Thursday, May 28th (Ann) Ray Davidson – Family
Maurice & Marie Corriveau – Estate

Friday, May 29th  (Ann) Ray Davidson – Family
Deceased Parents, Sisters and Brother – Albert Kruschenske

Monday, June 1st  Jim Gallagher – Jerry & Bev Godin
Marian Poirier – Erroll & Maureen Kennedy

Tuesday, June 2nd Dorothy & Terry Billings – Dolly Pick
Mary Dorothy Desjardins – Jim & Carmel Harrington

Wednesday, June 3rd Sandra Turcotte – Kim & Brad Clouthier
Ida McGuire – Estate

Thursday, June 4th James Clarence Fitzpatrick – Jim & Carmel Harrington
Marie Corriveau – Jeannette Corriveau & Family

Friday, June 5th Teresa Wren – Mr. & Mrs. David Hanes & Family

Monday, June 8th Michael Corrigan – Ron & Gisele Gibson

Mary Dorothy Desjardins – Jane, Rachel & Alison Kennedy

Tuesday, June 9th Deacon Michael McFarlane – Brenda McFarlane
Frank Blaskie – Daniel & Betty Anne Cybulski

Wednesday, June 10th Rita Gaffney – Husband Cy
Rita Hemmings – Estate

Thursday, June 11th (Ann) Ellen Davidson – Family
Heidi Recoski – George & Irene Cadieux

Friday, June 12th Carmel Emelie Morris – Viviane Mainville & Mark Robinson

Monday, June 15th (Ann) Robert Yaskolski – Patricia McLaughlin
Evan Benedict Gahan – Estate

Tuesday, June 16th Michael & Norma Sullivan – Jim & Carmel Harrington
Deceased Parents, Sisters & Brother – Albert Kruschenski

Wednesday, June 17th Sandra Turcotte – Maureen & Moe Lalonde
Robert & Mary Hickson – Estate of Margaret Foohey

Thursday, June 18th Mary & Rudi Zamarski – Estate
Teresa Wren – Mr. & Mrs. Steve Edwards

Friday, June 19th  Ida McGuire – Estate